Sunday, April 8, 2012

YouTube Mix #29

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Slut shaming sucks. No one should be picked on for their non-harmful sexuality.

Girl Commits Suicide For Being Slut-Shamed
by allianceofdemons

The insanity continues. Even with top doctors testifying, Harper's conservative morons resist the cure to the 'war on drugs', which is to end it by legalizing it.

Top Doctors Say Canada's Drug War Doesn't Work
by cannabisculturemag

AuntieDiluvian joins Ozmoroid to redo an old Bachman Turner Overdrive song.

Takin' Care of Islam (apologies to BTO)
by ozmoroid

Here's a new rap song from Baba Brinkman that gives you lots to think about, along with beautiful graphics.

Darwin's Acid - Baba Brinkman - Rap Guide to Evolution Music Videos
by babasword

If you're as old as I am, you once had one of the following types of cassette based answering machine for your phone. You probably also thought up rhymes for it. I used to love doing that.

Family Guy: mid-80's answering machine
by VennMeyer

I'm putting this next one in, just in case there is anyone who hasn't seen it. It's to do with ElevatorGate. This is the talk Watson gave in Ireland at the ElevatorGate convention. This is the talk that many people said was supposed to have somehow let EGuy know that Watson would be very against a polite and friendly style coffee offer, one which likely may have been a polite and discreet offer of sex as well. Do you know what's funny? Every time I listen to this video, I can ONLY find her complaining about mean and/or overly crude/graphic emails. Nothing about polite and friendly offers of companionship, sexual or otherwise.

Also, note: This speech was supposed to be on Communicating Atheism, but since Watson disagreed with the women who were on an earlier panel on the topic of Sexism, so she hijacked her own Communicating talk over to be about Sexism instead.

Communicating Atheism (pt 1) Skepchick
by AronRa

Gay and Emo youth are being slaughtered by islamist vigilantes.

Clothes Of The Devil
by Wrath0fKhan

It's always bugged me that people who believe in gods, also stupidly believe their god is of a specific sex and that they know which one it is.

GOD's Sex (if you say you know prove it factually)
by roblesterfilms

After this next one, I may choose a faster vehicle, like maybe a rocket for some destinations. The 100 K/hr car seems a bit slow.

..and you thought it was a long way to your local shop!
by AtheistAussie

This next one taught me some history that I didn't know, as well as it's a fascinating explanation of why islamic nations are behind in science these days.

Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy : Why Muslims Lack Science and lack in science
by AmetSpeaks

Let's end with one of the best songs ever, and I say that even though it's not from my youth. This is a beautiful combo Gypsy music and punk rock in the form of Gogol Bordello. Enjoy! :)

Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple
by sideonedummyrecords

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