Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tennessee Wants To Stay Ignorant About Sex

Tl;dr There's a funny video at the end of this article. :)

In Tennessee, the latest thing to come from that 'abstinence-only sex-ed' state, are new rules against teaching about 'gateway sex'. I'm guessing hand-holding, hugging, and kissing are the type of activities they mean.

Their abstinence-only warnings in the schools so far, simply haven't worked. In a study by the Tennessee Comptroller's Office of Education Accountability, it is claimed that the state has very high rates of teen pregnancies and STDs when compared to other states (according to an old article, that is - I can't find the report itself online). Maybe they think preaching even further levels of abstinence will have a different result.

The summary of bill itself is not specific about which activities are to be considered 'gateway sex', but most people are (correctly, I think) assuming that would mean kissing, cuddling, hugging, holding hands, etc. An excerpt from the bill:
Instruction of the family life education curriculum may not:
(1) Promote any gateway sexual activity or health message that encourages students to experiment with non-coital sexual activity;
(2) Provide or distribute materials on school grounds that condone, encourage or promote student sexual activity among unmarried students;
(3) Display or conduct demonstrations with devices manufactured specifically for sexual stimulation; or
(4) Distribute contraception on school property; provided, however, medically-accurate information about contraception and condoms may be provided so long as it is presented in a manner consistent with the provisions described above and clearly informs students that while such methods may reduce the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases or becoming pregnant, only abstinence removes all risk.
At least some condom education is still there at least, but I expect the 'gateway' clause to mean that students who are in relationships won't be allowed to hold hands or kiss while in school. An extremely prudish teacher could even interpret it as to mean no flirting allowed, and then pick on students who laugh and joke in a flirty way with each other. Who knows?

Christian fundamentalists (or any other types of religious fundies) should never be allowed to run for public office. They always end up putting their religious views ahead of laws, common sense, and reality based teaching. They wouldn't have the high teen pregnancy and STD rates if they had been teaching both contraception and protection from communicable diseases.

Remember that christian side hug thing from a few years ago, where some christian band tried to get people to stop hugging front to front? Here's a very funny parody song based on that, by Theretarcrew on youtube:

Christian Side Hug (Part 2)
by Theretarcrew


  1. Tennessee is still on my sh-t list, now more than ever after reading this.

    From my fundi days, it was the "six inch rule." Boys and girls, teenagers, unmarried, six inches apart was the rule. The reason: the average male penis is 6".

    Now, they never explained for the non average males. I guess in that case the penis still may have been able to touch---omg I can't do this--it's too funny thinking about it, even now.

  2. Hahaha, that would have just further encouraged me to find guys with very large cocks, which would have further encouraged me to dump the 6" rule anyways. I'd have to dump it in order to enjoy the extra-endowed nature of the guy, and not just those extra few inches on their own. I mean that rule would just be depriving myself for no good reason. :)

    Does make a funny picture to imagine though "sorry, I can't put it in any further; we're at the 6" point, which as you can see I've drawn with marker on my penis; can't go past that". :D