Friday, April 27, 2012

Femtheism - Word Coinage

I've been using the word "femtheist/femtheism" a lot lately, having coined the term a while back. Here's a brief definition of the feminist/atheist fusion (or should I say infection) that is occuring in some quadrants of the atheist/skeptic community. I've seen a few other people use the term too, so I guess it's officially coined. Here's a video I made, a 1 minute quickie defining it.

by ScentedNectar


  1. Sadly, I think you're absolutely spot on - all I'd add is the way these people use the mechanism of blog censorship to artificially foster a 'party line' and automatically paint (even modest) dissention as teh evillz. The level of cognitive dissonance is often beyond parody. Take Ophelia Benson - her dissection of religious inanity and injustice is frequently excellent, and she frequently highlights the grotesque misogyny in the middle east with withering precision. But then she will undermine all that by writing totally BONKERS stuff about puppies with pink bows, and about how male chauvanism (as opposed to, say, hardwired istinct) accounts for the fact girls like playing with dolls. It really does look like frighteningly a 'mind virus', no less paralysing of critical thought than religion.

  2. I totally agree with you. Her writings about the serious injustices like in the middle east are excellent, but her whiny abstract arguments about puppies etc, ruin a good thing. It's interesting to discuss things like the pink bows, and whether there was some sort of slutty coquettish tilt of the head thing that Benson thought was sexist. But, for her to have the same outrage over that as she does the other stuff, I wonder if she only has a one level blanket outrage she applies to whatever she's against at the moment.

  3. Thanks for the definition. I saw someone use it elsewhere, so found the definition here. I got hung up on the "theist" part of it. Clarification was good.

    Have you defined "radfem" elsewhere, Ms. Nectar? I'd like to see a specific definition of that one, because I see a lot of women being dumped into that category, and I'm not sure they fit.

  4. Hi Ana, you're welcome. I'm not really sure who coined radfem or when, but it's just used as a short form for radical feminist.

    There are quite a variety of different types of feminists who use that label, and some are so radical that they have become separatists avoiding all men in their lives. Others are so mild, that they are totally at ease having male friends and lovers.