Monday, February 20, 2012

YouTube Mix #24

Here is Mix #24. To see each video's comments and descriptions, click their titles. Or, go to the video makers' channels by clicking their names just below the titles.

To start with, here's Richard Dawkins talking about the religion question on the British Census. Anyone who's been reading my blog for a while, knows what I think about questions on the census, including religion ones. The Dawkins' Foundation arranged for some post-census follow up polling, and they found that there were not as many actual religious people as the census showed.

Richard Dawkins - The Census Research Explained
by richarddawkinsdotnet

Our embarrassingly moronic, fundie and right wing Prime Minister Harper, is not allowing scientists hired in government paid jobs, to speak without first getting the ok of the gov't. He's censoring science. Facts and discoveries are not things that should be withheld for political purposes. Here is Ted Hsu on the matter.

Ted Hsu: Conservatives Must Stop Muzzling Scientists
by liberalvideo

Before 1979, Iran was keeping pace with the modern world. It was very secular compared to now. This video shows how it was before it was taken over by islamic theocratic regimes.

And before anyone says anything, yes, I know that Amet is considered quite a troll in most people's view, and I strongly disagree with him on sex work issues. But sometimes he's not trolling, like when he's posting great videos like this.

Iran Before 1979, before the Azari Mullahs rule , Before the Islamic cultural cancer.
by AmetSpeaks

In Nigeria, religious wars are happening. Here's an atheist who lives there speaking about it.

Akintoba - An Atheist in Nigeria
by TheThinkingAtheist

Here is Ayaan Hirsi Ali with some very important things to say about culture.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Is Criticism Of Islam "Cultural Imperialism"?
by NowLearnAboutIslam

You know how people are always claiming to see images of Jesus and Mary on toast and bird poop? Well, it's always bugged me for the simple fact that they have no way of knowing what those two people looked like (or even if they existed at all). At least with sightings of modern day folks, like Elvis, we KNOW what they're supposed to look like. :)

by karmagirl74

With all of the post-ElevatorGate upset and offence over naughty words, how can I not post this very funny accident a weatherman had. :)

BBC weather man says c*nt

Originally uploaded by TruthSurge on Sep 2, 2010, this was a collaboration song by YouTubers. Truthsurge has been flagged recently and his videos are being mirrored on other people's sites. Euphoric Impact has given this one a new home.

God Ain't Floatin up in the sky
by EuphoricImpact

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