Friday, February 24, 2012

US & Israel Lying Again About Weapons of Mass Destruction

Since 1979, Iran has unfortunately been run by an islamic theocracy. Now the US and Israel are picking a war with Iran. Is this to free the people from theocracy? Of course not. They've never done that in any other islamically run country they've invaded. The people are barely noticed while the two right wing regimes (both islamic and american) fight with each other.

This time, they are replaying the old "weapons of mass destruction" scare theme, nuclear style. It's similar to their excuse for starting the Iraq war.

The US and Israel are under the starting assumption that only they, and countries they approve of, can be trusted to produce nuclear power. Personally, I don't trust any gov't anywhere to use nuclear power and would rather see all power sourced from the sun and wind, but that's neither here nor there. The US and Israel are now accusing Iran of producing nuclear weapons (as though they themselves don't have stockpiles of such weapons).

So, as usual, when the US and/or Israel fight other countries, it has nothing to do with freeing the people. I suspect when it's over, the people of Iran will still be living under a theocracy rather than any sort of true democracy or secularism.

by xxxild


  1. This time, they are replaying the old "weapons of mass destruction" scare theme, nuclear style.

    Yep, they're not even bothering to whip up any fresh propaganda this time. There's also the old classic, "Country X is planning attacks on US soil". I guess they know what the audience wants!

  2. They know that the people who vote for them are so stupid that they'll agree with any empty reasons given for war, even a repeat of the last time's reason. And instead of people's tax money going to something for the people's good, like universal health care, it goes instead to the corporations and gov't departments who make a ton of money from being at war.