Monday, February 20, 2012

Ian Dury's "Clever Trevor" & New Seamless Tiling Graphics

Uploaded by ScentedNectar on 20 Feb 2012
My newest 363 free, seamless, tiling textures; set to the background music of Ian Dury singing "Clever Trevor" in a live performance.

Download textures at:

The 1920x1080 (already tiled) versions of each, are not able to be downloaded after all, as the zip file kept crapping out while uploading. But the individual tiles themselves made it there ok.

The individual tiles can be used as a YouTube background (select the tiling option), a blog background (or other types of webpage), or as desktop backgrounds. They can also be used as textures in many types of 3d modelling.

These were all made using PaintShop Pro. They are all 512x512 in size, but can be repeated (tiled) out to fill any size.

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