Thursday, January 19, 2012

YouTube Mix #21

For all the following videos, if you want to see the comment sections, description bars, further links, etc, click on their titles, and it will take you to the YouTube page for that video. Or, clicking on the video maker's name (the "by __" part) to go to their channel page.

Here is an excellent way to deal with Gideon bibles being given to children in schools.

Pagan Spells Work on Public School !
by AtheistAussie

This next one is about a letter you should write right now to help prevent further doc-dropping of abortion doctors.

Terrorism or Trolling?
by TheTruePooka

This shows the fascinating history and intentions of SOPA.

The video you NEED to watch about SOPA!
by Thunderf00t

This series seems like it will be very informative. I'm looking forward to seeing the videos in this series, and I will include them, either in further YouTube Mixes, or on their own.

The Skeptic's Introduction to Islam
by Lorientalist

In these times, where we are seeing ideologies like radical feminism trying to be included under the 'skeptic' umbrella (while forbidding any skepticism about its own core assumptions), this next video can't be stressed enough.

Bertrand Russell's Message to Descendants (1959)
by JesusSavesAtCitibank

I have frequently in the past, argued with christians who insist that the bible is the word of their god. I often refer them to the following video, not that most of them actually watch it. It's kind of like leading a horse to water. This video explains the history of how the bible came to be written. How anyone can think it's a real account of history after seeing this, is lost beyond hope.

A Brief History of the King James Bible
by dprjones

The Young Turks have covered the situation in Israel.

Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Problem
by TheYoungTurks

Let's finish with the best version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow that I know of. It's by Toby Swann, formerly of the punk band "The Battered Wives". In the late 70s, they infuriated Canadian feminists of the time due to their band name. They changed it to "The Wives" due to the pressure.

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Toby Swann
by PinHead432

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