Thursday, December 8, 2011

YouTube Mix #19

Here's Mix #19, with videos embedded in the order of funny ones first, serious ones next, and ending with a music one from my teenage years. It seems like they don't make music like they used to.

Banned in Zimbabwe and South Africa, is this hilarious commercial.

Banned Nando's Mugabe Commercial: "Last dictator standing"
by AmetReloads

Here's Creationist Cat answering viewers questions.

CC explains more stuff than EVAR!!!
by creationistcat

From Bad Lip Reading, another great one.

"Ron Paul" — A BLR Soundbite
by BadLipReading

Here's MrStripyHead, on his other channel, 1GOD1JESUS, with 3 vids. First a funny one, and then 2 serious ones.

JUST SAY NO to Religion



How come feminists don't speak out when sexual violence happens to men by women? They only get one-sided cases of outrage. In fact, to some it's even funny when it happens to men.

Katherine Heigl is a better person than JtO
by johntheother

Harper's 'omnibus' bill to increase jail times for nonviolent crimes is coming up for consideration. The reason is that Harper is trying to copy the US and its lucrative privatized prison industry. The industry is a big money maker by harvesting work out of prisoners. Slave labour factories/offices. Listen to what The Amazing Atheist has to say about the industry in the US. We can't let this happen to Canada.

United States of Prison
by TheAmazingAtheist

This next one shows the vast difference between how women are treated in islamic theocracies vs countries with secular laws. While western feminists whine about men on elevators being some sort of manifestation of the patriarchy, guess where the patriarchy REALLY is? It's in countries with actual LAWS against women, horrific laws that shouldn't exist in this day and age. Feminists, please focus on this stuff instead of the spilt milk you all usually focus on. The theocratic attacks on women's rights are the ones to prioritize. That means the sex-based injustices of islam, the xtian right in the US and Africa, and jewish orthodox laws against women. Religions are what threaten us as women, far more than any silly indulged outrage over thought crimes like "sexualizing" and "objectification".

Women On The Same Planet!
by emkacel

Here's one of my favourite songs by Patti Smith, "Distant Fingers" from her Radio Ethiopia album. This one is nice and calming after the anger inducing videos above.

PATTI SMITH - Distant Fingers

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