Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Flakier Side of the Left

Recently, I have lost four YouTube subscribers who thought I was too anti-islam and that this magically made me racist. These are all people who would be killed for their lifestyles if they were ruled by sharia law, yet were mad that I spoke against it on a few youtube and blogs' comment sections.

If people want call me something like a 'culturalist', that's fine. There are many cultural practices worldwide that I speak out about, but it has nothing to do with the skin colour of the people involved. It's to do with measuring harm and unfairness, things which are GOOD to discriminate based on.

The left ends up supporting horrific regimes (islamic culture is an immoral religion based one), for no better reason than the fact that the right hates them. The left should be against the human rights abuses of these regimes, but they are blind to the fact. All they see are that the right have bad reasons for disliking them, that is, the right doesn't like that muslims are often a darker shade of brown than the typical xtian-right basic beige.

On YouTube and elsewhere, if you speak up against islamicism, you are assumed to be racist/bigot/islamophobe. Not a humanist who's against horrific treatment of people, but a racist. It's totally fine and dandy to speak against and argue with xtian bible thumpers, but if you dare treat a koran thumper the same way, you're being racist and disrespectful. Fuck that.

Here's a video, where Maryam Namazie says it all better than I can.

la gauche pro-islamique Maryam Namazie
by PierreNolet

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