Friday, December 9, 2011

Feminist False Accusations

If you've been following the aftermath of ElevatorGate, you know that the baboon horde (extended Pharyngulite family), took their bullying of Franc Hoggle into real life in a dramatic warn-the-conferences-cuz-our-lives-are-in-danger.

Well, here in Canada, something similar has happened. A men's rights activist was questioned by the police after someone complained with who knows what rapeflated tale of terror. The police had been told of his writings and activism since they questioned him about that. They knew where he worked and contacted him there, and they questioned him to see if he had violent tendencies or weapons. One can only imagine the violent hype in the original complaint to warrant such a time consuming focus on him. Here's an excerpt:
"I am not placing you under arrest, but I have some questions and I am going to read you your rights."

That was the first thing the prominent Canadian MRA, whom we must now refer to as Mr. X, was told when he walked into the police investigators office. He had been phoned at work the day before by police officials, who told X that an allegation had been made against him that involved the MRM, stockpiling weapons and threats to do harm. They asked him to come in to "answer some questions."

Those questions were largely about his personal life and beliefs, focusing on whether he was a violence prone individual. There were questions about the MRM and MRA’s, and it became clear to him during the course of the interview that significant prior effort had been invested by police officials into studying his beliefs as well as the overall mentality of those in the movement.

He admits to being a little rattled. Making threats of violence of any kind is a very serious matter in Canada. And something like this coming nearly to the day on the anniversary of the "Montreal Massacre," was a bit more chilling. December 6 marks the day that Marc Lepine murdered fourteen women and wounded ten women and four men at the École Polytechnique, an engineering school affiliated with the University of Montréal.

Anyone, and this includes police officials, who has read Mr. X’s blog articles or watched his YouTube videos, knows him to be a level headed, intellectual sort, not given to violence. But it is clear that someone reported otherwise to Canadian law enforcement. The question remains why, but that is likely to never be answered because he was not made privy to where the complaint originated.
Fucking malicious radfeminists, how do they work? Oh yeah, they work by false danger warnings, and by abusing law enforcement protection to get someone in trouble. What was the crime in their eyes, worthy of sending the police out on someone? Not agreeing with the feminist ideology. You see, disagreement and/or questioning things, always means you want to rape and kill them. How do we know it's true? Um, ideological faith anyone?

I think I know who X is, and if I'm right, he's been hated on by both the YouTube radfems and the Pharyngula radfems at various times in the past. Both radfem groups have a history of trying to fuck up the real lives of perceived MRAs. Both radfem groups feel that being offended warrants exaggeration of threat and the right to cry for offline help as though in some real danger. There's a story someone wrote once, something about a boy crying wolf that comes to mind. Fucking up their own cause with these nonsense fears, that is what they're doing. They have also crossed the line into real life, potentially harmful harassment.

Turns out Mr. X wasn't who I thought, so this was real life harassment of yet ANOTHER person.


  1. I think I know who X is, and if I'm right, he's been hated on by both the YouTube radfems and the Pharyngula radfems at various times in the past. Both radfem groups have a history of trying to fuck up the real lives of perceived MRAs

    Interesting.. I didnt know Pharyngula radfems had this history (other than Franc).. If it isnt too much of a trouble, do you have any links/keywords handy to demonstrate this?

    Also, your comment#692 at ERV is spot on.
    I have also begun to understand how conflicts on the internet spiral into runaway conflicts. This is actually not very different from how it happens in the real world. When two people start fighting over things in real life, they drag in unrelated things into the fight (for e.g perceived slights from earlier). But there are limiting factors in real world which put an end to it, such as future co-operation at workplace or home etc, and separate the antagonists. Not so on the internet. Also, its not just 2 people.. a crowd joins and anyone can add to the conflict and further it. The Skeptical Illuminati were right.. unless you go with charitable interpretations, internet conflicts are doomed.

  2. It turned out that X wasn't who I thought. With the pharyngulites, I was considering Hoggle AS their history of doc dropping, even though it's so recent and ongoing. Maybe I should call theirs recent history.

    And with the youtube bunch, there were some vids and comments months ago, saying that a youtube MRA (the one I thought was X) had had his workplace contacted by youtube radfems in hopes of getting him in trouble for his politically incorrect views. I don't think any of the vids about it are still up.

    The youtube ones also did some doc dropping on a NONrad-feminist last year in the spring or summer, revealing her town she lives in and causing a lot of upset. Again though, I don't think any vids are still up about that.

  3. Hi Scented,

    I also agree with you comment at 692. These conflicts tend to be run by the most verbose.

  4. The horde is nothing if not verbose. They do almost all of PZ's talking for him. :)

  5. Hello! I cam here from Feminist Critics. Elevatorgate is still getting a lot of play. it is turning into a cultural landmark you see people referring to voer and over again, and it is waking a lot of people up.

  6. Hi Jim, and welcome. I saw Feminist Critics in my stats and ended up subscribing to their news feed.