Friday, October 21, 2011

Rapture Today, Really This Time

Harold Camping has said that it'll happen today. He kinda sorta didn't get the date right last May, but it's really, for sure supposed to happen today. Really. Here's how it's going to go down...

Are You Ready To Rapture?
by riojabaja419

(I really like the music in this. My very fussy ears highly approve)


  1. Geez, what's he gonna say tomorrow?

  2. Well, I've already read at a blog somewhere this morning that he is keeping a low profile and also using wording that is not as certain sounding as before.

    I'm guessing that he will just avoid any questions. But if he says he was wrong again but that it's some new time in the future, I'll be quite surprised, but you never know how these types will to try and make the evidence (no one floating up) fit the predetermined conclusion (rapture today for sure). Maybe it will be the usual "I calculated the exact date wrong, it's really _______" :)

  3. It is the 22nd here in Oz.
    A nice day!
    No sign of any tribulation.
    A nice day for some camping, in fact.

  4. Here too. A very nice day, and I've not seen a single person floating up all enraptured like.