Monday, October 3, 2011

Gonna Pay For This Tomorrow

The tastiest sandwich in the world. The hot pepper in it is of a murderous variety though. Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna be singing that Johnny Cash song, Ring Of Fire! I'm laughing now, but I won't be tomorrow. Please feel sorry for me in advance. All sympathy cards accepted. Thanks. :D

Really Tasty Sandwich
by ScentedNectar

I forgot to mention that there is also, what I think are shiitake mushrooms, and also, there was a long piece of cucumber that I took out because I don't like it in these.


  1. Syncronicity, how does it work? I now see there is a sandwich blogpost over at Laden's blog today too from 12 hours ago. Weird. :)

  2. Not only is this a post about a sandwich, but it is also a post about an elongated sandwich.

  3. I wasn't at all thinking of elongated things when I bought it, although Freudians might argue otherwise. :)

  4. Even though not vegetarian, I love these vegetarian sandwiches - you gotta admit they come up with some amazing and tasty stuff.

    They also have some really great vegetarian and vegan sweets.

    Some vegan cookbooks are amazing.

  5. This place a lot of them that do have meat too. A ton of them, in fact. I'm a vegetarian but not for the woo purposes I believed in when I first became one. I'm just a little grossed out aesthetically now by slabs of muscle. I get enough animal foods though for a good balance (I hope) by eating dairy, eggs, and a tiny bit of seafood that sneaks into some things I eat like Caesar salad dressing.

    I had no idea that Vietnamese food was so good, until I tried out this take-out place. If you have one near you, I highly recommend it. The sandwiches are called 'banh mi' I think. Yum. :)

  6. Ah, good news to report. My somewhat fast metabolism has done it's thing, and it barely burned at all. Nothing at all like last time I had hot pepper on these sandwiches. Whew! :)

  7. That's one thing that sucks about Europe, we don't have "ethnic restaurants".

    The USA is the only place world that has that much variety in every city. You guys are lucky, you can eat a different meal each meal of every day and never try everything lol.

  8. I had no idea. Sounds like Europe is a ripe market to open some restaurants up, in that case. I wonder why no one's exploiting it. I always thought it was pretty much the same there. Here in Toronto, we have specialty ones from almost every other country. Even to order in on delivery in the same manner as ordering pizza, there's quite a variety.

  9. Vietnamese rolls are everywhere here in the western suburbs.
    Very popular.
    A result of Australia "going all the way with LBJ" in his brutally illegal war against both the North *and* the South Vietnamese. (And then the Laotians, the Cambodians, etc, as he was a mission creep).
    Australia once tried to invade Vietnam on behalf of the Yanks, but failed. I am surprised that enormous numbers of Vietnamese refugees here, and their offspring, bear so little malice against we illegal and brutal invaders.
    (I just missed, by the skin of my teeth, getting "called up" for duty in the Australian Army in Vietnam. I was an Army cadet at the time that Prime Minister Whitlam ended the draught.)
    Their food is amazing, as you have discovered.
    The irony is that the chilli originated in Central America, and as a result of wars, decimation, invasion by Europeans, the South East Asians now include it as a staple of their cuisine!

  10. Good thing you missed having to fight. Being lawfully ordered to kill would suck. I'd have to be one of those conscientious objectors and given an office job if drafted.

    Back when PZ wrote an article about how his son was off to join the military, I noticed he made no mention of the ethics, just a nice little family pic with the kid in uniform, off to kill, kill, kill. I wonder if army guy over on FreeFromThoughts is his son.

    At least wars meant that they got chili to add to their cuisine in Asia. And it sure does go well with it. :)

  11. I do believe western europe does have some variety (like the UK and maybe germany), but even then, they don't come even close to the USA and Canada.

    I think the reason these restaurants haven't sprung up is because we don't have immigration here as much, which is why there aren't many ethnic restaurants.

  12. If I ever have visitors from Europe, I'm going to take them to a different exotic restaurant every day.

    Just in delivery flyers alone, I have menus for Greek, Thai, Japanese, and some more that I'm forgetting.

    UK for sure has Indian food, but that's probably just because they once 'colonized' India.