Friday, August 12, 2011

Cell Phone Test

I've been very, very late to the game. Until yesterday I only had a land line phone. I now have my very first Android cell phone thingy and I'm addicted.

However, when browsing my own blog here, I notice that the videos are all oversized and off screen, and that's even though a few weeks ago, I changed some setting to display on people's cell phones better. I think it might be because I've been using HTML mode instead of Compose mode when writing posts.

I don't like Compose mode because it fucks up the formatting on things if I switch to it after being in HTML mode sometimes, but if embedding videos in HTML mode is fucking them up, then maybe I'll have to add all the videos in Compose mode first (it adds them differently), and see if that works on cellphones. It seems I can switch from Compose to HTML with no problem but not the other way around. So, here's a test to see how a video displays on the cell's screen when I put it in using Compose.

For the test, let's see, I've been thinking about the lack of science that the radical feminists have been presenting in regards to the alleged, totally rampant misogyny in the atheist/skeptic communities. Hmm, what comes to mind has to be Thomas Dolby singing, "She Blinded Me With Science". It's a great song. Some form of new wave from the early 80s I think. I liked it back when it was new, and now thanks to YouTube, I can hear it again these days for a hit of nostalgia.

So far, in a desktop viewed preview, the video is about half the size I like, but at least there's a fullscreen button at the bottom right on the video. If this makes it fit onto the cell's screen though, I'll stick to this way from now on.

So, let's test this thing on my cell, right after I hit publish.


  1. Well, it worked really well in the default browser, the one in my phone that's just called 'browser'. It did not work in the Opera Mini I downloaded, which sent wrongly sized videos to the bottom of all the text, even though it should have been between some. The app seems to be fucked up anyways, since I set it to accept cookies but it's saying I've not done that in some error messages. So, fuck Opera, I'm going to uninstall it.

    The default one though, works well. It's sized to fit the phone, and in the right spot among the text.

  2. The full screen button isn't working this way in desktop computer style viewing, but if it's too small, one can always click to view it on its YouTube page. Good enough compromise between viewing types. That I know of, that is. Could be other browsers, other phone systems, other other things, could make it all appear different. :)