Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog Tech Issues Caused Deletions

An article and some comments got deleted a few days ago due to blogspot having tech issues. They had to revert to an older save of the blogs to fix it. The deletions were supposed to be temporary, but I'm getting the feeling they weren't in my blog's case. I reposted the article, but the comments can't be restored by me. Sorry if any of yours are gone now. Feel free to post them again if you want.

Meanwhile, to make this article worth your clicking on it, here's a bit of balcony porn for you. Ok, well maybe not porn, but some fun clips shot from my balcony. Ok, well, maybe not fun if you find them boring, but what can I say? :P

Birds 'N Skies - 8 Balcony Quickies

Silly Goose Walk


  1. Ah, so that is what happened at my blog I guess. I had comments, I responded to them and then they all just disappeared. :( Mine haven't come back yet either and I suspect they won't.

    Canada geese are so bloody cute. I loves their waddles! :D You're pretty high up, eh? Must get some wind troubles from time to time, but the view looks really nice! :)

  2. Yep, it happened to a bunch of blogspot blogs. They don't seem to do much follow up on problems. In their blog that they have for issues and news about blogspots, they said days ago that the deletions would be back again in a few hours and then nothing more.

    Also, a while back, there was an issue where all blogs that use the adult content warning, have stuff missing on the stats pages. The places showing which individual pages were visited have been blank for a good month or so. They mentioned the problem, and that it was only the adult warning ones experiencing it. Then they suggested that people just use some other stats program if they really felt it was important. It's not been fixed and I doubt it will be.

    I've made a backup blog over at wordpress, in case anything ever happens to this one. Also, after each post I make here, I save it in 2 forms. One is just an htm file save of the new post's page, and the other is by going to the settings page and downloading a copy of the whole blog. The latter is what wordpress and other blog pages can import if you ever want or need to copy your entire blog over there.

    This balcony is windy as fuck! Even if there are snowflakes doing a gentle lazy drift 5 feet away from the railing, inside the balcony is a cyclone! That one windy clip above was from it knocking down our chairs and stuff and rolling them over to the far wall. Keeps it kinda cool during heat waves though, I'll give it that. :)