Sunday, March 6, 2011

YouTube Mix #4

I'm a video addict. I'll admit it. I eat, drink and breathe YouTube. Here are more of them, making it 2 new YouTube Mix posts this weekend. I've been trying to catch up on watching videos that I didn't get around to watching during the week using the saved htm files I mentioned in the last YouTube Mix. The videos that are in this one happen to all be ones where the nastiness of religions comes up as a topic.

3ach3961 has done an angry rant, which I'm proud to say seems to have been inspired in part by the comment threads on my mirrors of The Devil And Shelley Lubben. :) Click for part 1 and part 2 to see the comment threads where my discussion with a user named vizion24 spanned both threads of the series. Comment areas on YouTube are often fascinating in the various people who show up, their views, and how they will debate topics. Often anti-sexwork people will try and claim that supporting the rights of adult consenting workers and consumers of porn (and other sex work) somehow means you are trying to endanger children. Both the radical feminist ones and their buddies against sexwork, the right wing xtian fundies, frequently use false conclusions and conflations, bringing children into it. Never any evidence or legitimate stats either. Who'd have guessed, eh? What a surprise.

In the comment threads that 3ach3961 is referring to in his video, the guy I am discussing porn with, is a crazy xtian fundie this time, quoting his bible babble and ranting about the devil and stuff. I tried to share with him the good news that there is no hell to fear, and I also quoted bible babble back to him, showing him that his Jeezus (invisible friend/hell-threatener supreme) was not such a nice guy according to the very story book in which he's the main character, but he seemed to not absorb (much less address) a word I wrote. Silly religious nutters. They obviously don't even read the book they consider to be the important instruction manual that their invisible ruler wants them to follow. :)

Pornography & Children: A 3ach Angry Rant
Don't actually kick anyone, 3ach. You'll get into trouble. Just ask them when they want driving cars banned for adults due to it being a bad idea for kids to do it. :)

Here's Laci Green with a good look at the hell threat religions try and scare people with.

The Invisible Watchman

Ujames1978 has a very interesting video about religion in the US.

The REAL Religious Threat!!!

Dusty Smith gives Pascal a run for his money with a much better wager.

Be Logical or Be Tortured Forever! Dusty's Wager

And since it's Sunday morning, and since I was looking for a song that has a melody/sound that puts me in a good mood to finish off with here after any upset that thinking about religion may have caused anyone, and since it vaguely even seems to fit in with the religious topic that all the other videos in this mix seem to have, here's The Velvet Underground doing "Sunday Morning" for a slow, lazy morning with a totally nostalgic, psychedelic feel to it. Another song I hadn't heard for decades until I came across it on YouTube. I'm finding a lot of really good music on YouTube. A breath of fresh air compared to the irritating, nasty, overplayed shit that's usually on the radio. The radio is all ear assault in comparison to the beautiful things that music I actually like does to my ears.

The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning