Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Braless For Boobquake This Year!

April 26, 2011

Do you only wear a bra because it is socially expected? Do you have any good reason to wear one? Good reasons might be that they hurt without the support, or maybe you like how they look, eg: as sexy lingerie, or maybe you only need one when jogging due to the annoyance of bouncing.

Many women find bras to be uncomfortable to wear. The first chance they get, when alone, they take them off.

Isn't it time to shed the entire social expectation to wear these things? Why are the shapes of our natural boobs so taboo? Is there any good reason for it? I don't think so. Let's toss out our bras. :)

If you've no good reason to wear one, but only do so out of habit and/or giving in to societal expectations, then this coming Boobquake Day, free your boobs. Maybe you'll like it so much that you'll keep doing it. Your boobies will be very happy. Happy and free!

I've been braless for over 3 decades and it's wonderful. No discomfort, no being too hot in the summer from the extra layer of fabric on my boobs. No phony (but socially approved!) cone shape made of padding and wires. No straps irritating my skin.

Anyone who gets freaked at my boobs' natural shape just has to go deal with it. I simply won't return to the Cone-shaped Closet™ of unnatural shaping. No has to like how my boobs look, and no one has to not like them either, but it's time people got over the habit and social expectation of the booby burqa and just get used to them. Fuck modesty and body shame. :D

(picks up megaphone) Repeat after me everyone...
❝We're here, no brassiere, get used to it!❞


  1. Hehe, boobie burqa! :D I hate the things, but where them "as needed". I refuse to wear underwire and I generally just do a sports bra or a yoga shirt for support. If I was lucky enough to be an A or a B cup I would not where those things at all!

  2. err...wear them.

    *drinks more coffeh and peaks to see if any grammar nazis are present*

  3. No grammar nazis allowed! Ore spellng wuns eethir. :)

    The sports bras look a lot more comfortable and sensible, but the wire and padding conglomerate that makes up most bras, yikes!

    I hate that it's so expected as the default. I end up getting some weird looks sometimes when people realize I'm braless (although I usually wear loose stuff so they don't always realize it), but it feels better than how silly I felt giving in to it just because others want me to wear one. Most women are the opposite though, I think, feeling more at ease when not standing out like that.

    I had a supervisor once who couldn't seem to talk to me without his eyes riveted in disdain/horror on where I guess he expected a polite, ladylike bra. So, I began talking to him while staring directly and exaggeratedly at his crotch. He got mega embarrassed and flustered, followed by him looking at my face from then on. I laughed inside as I watched him squirm in shock. He was a evangelical fundie fucktard who couldn't even get comfortable with women working outside the home, much less being braless, so I had a little fun with him. Heheh. :)

    (•)(•) Free the boobies!