Friday, January 14, 2011

Radical Feminism In Sweden Gone Horribly Wrong

Radical feminism in Sweden has taken a fundie femtard turn like you wouldn't believe. You probably already know about a couple of nasty things there, such as questionable laws on what constitutes rape/sexual assault (and which are currently being used to get that wikileaks guy, Julian Assange), and also of course, you probably already know about the "Swedish Model" of prostitution laws, where it's incorrectly called legal, even though they arrest the men who are customers. Being a customer is NOT legal.

Anyways, it's worse there than just those two things. Read on for a long summary followed by a 12 part video series in Swedish with English subtitles.

An organization called ROKS runs 150 shelters for women only, in Sweden. They believe that there is a huge conspiracy network of pedophile satanist men. They have influenced the government to NOT use treatment programs for violent men, even though those programs have been shown to be 70% effective in neighbouring Norway. Instead, they've been having a a 0% (that's zero) improvement rate of their own for 25 years by focusing on spreading the ideology of a gender power
 war which they believe includes a large conspiracy of satanist pedophile men who rape young girls in order to have them eventually produce babies to kill in satanic rituals. ROKS actively opposes treatment for violent men. Maybe someone should let them know that regardless of what they think has caused the situation, wouldn't it be good to at least in the meantime get rid of 70% of the harm? The real harms of violence, that is, not the imaginary satanist baby killing / girl raping conspiracy.

And while they're at it, how about making both shelters and treatment nonsexist? No matter which gender may be the majority of offenders and victims (and I've heard claims in both directions and in the middle), there ARE definitely both genders on both sides of violence, including sexual violence, no matter who has which majorities. There should be both shelters and offender treatment programs (since it is showing to be fairly effective, does not sound religion based, etc) for both genders. Also, there is certainly a lot of same gender to same gender violence, including sexual, that is obviously not being recognized.

ROKS also believes that women who are domestically abused have no agency. They are brainwashed and can't be believed. While I partly agree in that a chronically abused person must sometimes be shown that they themselves must leave the cage and that the door is wide open, ROKS thinks it goes far beyond that. Many women who have been in their shelters felt extremely mistreated in how they were not believed and their words were twisted. They were pressured to say and agree with things suggested by the shelter workers.

One woman who stayed with them was even forcefully TRAFFICKED by them into a hiding place in another country briefly during a paranoid 'escape' where the shelter staff thought that satanists were about to attack them.

Even though the documentary says that they are non-profit and the shelters are operated by volunteers, it doesn't say whether they get any gov't funding. Here in Canada, so-called nonprofit places are allowed to hire a salaried staff as a core even if some things are run by volunteers. I don't know if that's the case in Sweden also. If so, this also give the people running it a financial incentive to perhaps exaggerate, make things up and deny a useful way of ending 70% of society's need for them.

As is the usual among radfems, they also circulate made up statistics, which the real stats totally destroy. Not like this part of it is any different in Sweden than the rest of the world, mind you. :)

Much of the theory ROKS spouts is influenced by research done by Eva Lundgren, a radfem, who studied violence among fundamentalist christians. Rather than ROKS and Lundgren realizing what I see as obvious, the fact that fundies embrace a nasty sexist submission requirement of women because their biblegod demands it on threat of torture., ROKS and Lundgren seem to have decided that gender dynamics and opinions of xtian fundies must apply to all men everywhere. Lundgren is also considered contraversial in the scientific community because she further claims all that satanist stuff I mentioned above, even though there have never been bodies or other evidence. But who needs evidence when they've already decided on the conclusion?

They are currently trying to force universities in Sweden to teach their theories of violence being always due to a gender power war. The studies used to back this are only those of Lundgren, and they refuse to use any others. This is very bad science, double bad in that Lundgren is considered a bad scientist to start with. The universities are fighting it, wanting to stick with proper independent science and education in what they teach. With help from Margareta Winberg, a radfem in the government there, ROKS forced a gov't review, and is currently pushing this attempt to change education.

If other theories/stats exist, it's only logical that all studies must be compared and looked at. It is quite stupid conclude one is right while refusing to even take a look at what the others are saying.

Quite alarmingly, it turns out that ROKS also accepts the writings of Valerie Solanas as good stuff. She's the woman who wrote the SCUM Manifesto (stands for "Society for Cutting Up Men") calling for the killing of men and an all woman society. She also shot Andy Warhol. Back in the 80s, when I was a card-carrying radfem cult member, I had a copy of that book. It was more like a booklet, but it said a lot in little space. There's probably copies of it online somewhere if you want to be horrified. I should take a look myself one of these days, since I haven't seen it since lending it out back then after only reading it once fully plus a bit of referring back to just certain parts a few times for discussion with friends.

Here's the videos that shows interviews with ROKS and Lundgren and others, but I have to list these as links to the videos' youtube pages, since the "CC" button (for closed captioning) doesn't appear when the videos are embedded here.

When you go to these links, click the "CC" button if you don't see the English subtitles:

Episode 1, part 1

Episode 1, part 2

Episode 1, part 3

Episode 1, part 4

Episode 1, part 5

Episode 1, part 6

Episode 2, part 1

Episode 2, part 2

Episode 2, part 3

Episode 2, part 4

Episode 2, part 5

Episode 2, part 6


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  2. Hi Scented Nectar

    Any idea if and to what extent Marianne Ny, the Swedish prosecutor who is after Assange, is involved with ROKS?

    I'm asking because of her prior activism regarding with regards to Swedish rape law reforms, as described here:

    It sounds just like what you describe in your text: if women say they have not been raped, they cannot be trusted.

    1. I'm not sure whether or not she was involved with that, but it wouldn't surprise me.